My Mission:

  • I will vote for the pro-life bill (The Personhood Bill). I will put more restrictions on the SC Abortion Clinics.
  • I will add more support for education and help stop Domestic Violence. (South Carolina is currently ranked number 6 in the nation for domestic violence cases with women.)
  • I will also strongly push for adding Life Skills and Abstinence until Marriage Programs in schools.
  • I will fight the corruption ravaging our great state.

Please support me by casting your vote on June 9th!

Make a difference. STAND with Susan. FIGHT for change. VOTE June 9th!

Susan is running with the purpose of bringing much needed change to a corrupt political system, fighting to protect the unborn, supporting mothers and women in crisis, restructuring the corrupt court system, and brining much needed focus to the issue of human trafficking.

Susan has helped save over 23 THOUSAND babies. Now Susan is taking LIFE to S.C. State Senate. Vote for LIFE Tuesday, June 9th. #Susan4Senate Susan’s primary objective is the protection of the unborn babies, helping mothers choose life and providing more help and support for mothers/women in crises.

Choose LIFE – Vote June 9th!